SMSR Gear Box Manufacturer

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SMSR Gear Box Manufacturer

NVT India is the prominent SMSR Gear Box Manufacturer. We have been introduced in the industry as a market leader in gearbox suppliers. Our product is widely used in the industries such as Stone Crushers, Stone Quarries, Road Construction Machinery, Drum Mix Plant, Hot Mix Plant, Salt, Sugar, Asphalt Plants, conveyors, Cement, Chemical, Coal, Mining, Road Construction, Textile processing machinery and many more industries.

Known for compact design and ultimate precision our gearbox is widely popular in Indian and international industries. It possesses extreme strength and durability, basically meant for heavy-equipped machinery as speed reducers.  Its direct assembling principle ensures speed reduction and also lessens space layout issues. Specially designed for rugged operational conditions, our product has high friction coefficient which can withstand heavy-duty applications like stone-crushing machines. Totally enclosed with hardened and precision alloy steel gears are finished with shaft support that enhances the bearing capacity to bear the extreme load and perform for long life.

Advanced features of our SMSR Gear Box:

  • High-grade alloy steel and cast iron case for higher load efficiency
  • Extreme grease-purged seals on speed shafts prevent leakage and drive failure
  • Flexible motor configurations are possible including horizontal, vertical, and direct drive
  • Standard accessories used for hub covers, puller rings, and torque arms
  • Sturdy design for long bearing and gear life
  • Quick and easy installation possible in low space with excellent adjustment
  • Less power consumption provides high torque strength

Moreover, each unit of the gearbox supplies a high corrosion-resistant torque arm with a double lip oil seal to maintain operational fluency. Environmentally friendly products produce low noise with resistance to corrosion and backlash. Its two-piece close grain provides strong support that provides permanent and accurate alignment to all its components.

Being a trusted reputation in the industry, we offer quality compact product which is easy to operate, improves the weight strength ratio, and impact the machine’s performance. Its flexible suitability with different types of applications makes the product great in demand. To adhere to the best quality standards we utilize the finest basic materials from trusted sources and after finishing the product we rigorously tested to ensure its high performance in several harshest conditions. Thus our SMSR Gear Box has become the first choice in the competitive industry.



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